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Wisconsin Sport Show
Ron Schara, Host of NBC's "Minnesota Bound" and Fox Sports North's "Due North Outdoors"

Sunday, March 18th at 1 PM

Meet and Greet with Ron and Raven
March 18th from 2 to 4 PM

Wisconsin Sport Show
Adam Glickman, Honest Musky Television

Sunday, March 18th, Noon

Walleye: Western WI Tactics and Strategies

Successful walleye fishing in Western WI is often challenging due to heavy fishing pressure; which not only reduces walleye populations, but also educates fish making them tackle shy and warier of human presence. This combination creates walleyes with less feeding competition that are less likely to strike presentations. Walleyes under such conditions are often tough to catch, but with special consideration and planning, steady action can be had. Local walleye populations are still strong enough to provide quality action for numbers of fish with available trophy potential as well.

Walleye: Western WI Tactics and Strategies will include information on several subjects including:
  • The dynamics of different walleye habitats and individual populations, and how these affect seasonal behaviors and effective strategies
  • Choosing the best water body for each outing based on daily and seasonal conditions. Scouting new bodies of water for more rapid success and scouting familiar bodies of water to anticipate future walleye location as the season progresses
  • Tailoring tackle selection to individual environments and specific walleye fishing goals; such as trophy fishing, trying to catch a meal of eater size walleyes, or specific tackle for finicky highly pressured walleyes
  • Finally, the seminar is rounded out with a discussion of specific prime Western WI walleye fishing opportunities to take advantage of throughout the year

Wisconsin Sport Show
Ace Sommerfeld, First WI Chapter of Muskies, Inc.

Saturday, March 17th, 3pm
Sunday, March 18th, 3pm

Make Muskies Your Top Priority for 2018!

It's never too early to start planning for muskies. If you are looking for ideas on how to get started, need tips to increase your success or you enjoy pictures of big fish be sure to catch Ace Sommerfeld's presentation "Make Muskies Your Top Priority in 2018." You'll get a little bit of everything from getting started with proper equipment, to picking lures that fit your needs. Ace will walk you through a cast from start to finish. The importance of choosing when to fish will also be covered.

Ace is quick to point out how his partners got him started on the right foot 10 years when he decided to make muskies his top priority. Since then he has achieved the status of Master Angler by releasing nearly 300 muskies. He is a regular contributor to MUSKY HUNTER and has been a Field Editor with MUSKIE since 2012. "Successful musky fishing is a long-term commitment," he said. "Bring your questions and comments, I thrive on audience participation."

Wisconsin Sport Show
Kevin Koeshall, Limcroma Safaris and KD Taxidermy

Sunday, March 18th, 11am

Wisconsin Sport Show
Jeff Latour, Elk River Kennels

Saturday, March 17th, 4pm
Sunday, March 18th, 2pm

How to Build Your Gun Dog

A great overview of the steps needed to build a gun dog. The program starts with the puppy stage and takes you through the adult, finished gun dog. Three dogs of different ages will be used to demonstrate each stage of development.

Wisconsin Sport Show
Jim Kleist, Green & Gold Guide Service

Saturday, March 17th, 2pm

Green Bay Walleye Jigging Techniques

This presentation will help attendees understand the states of walleye spawning and migration. Justin will discuss targeting the prespawn, spawn, and postspawn fishing states. Justin will also discuss locations where they fish in the Green Bay area. He will also talk about water temperatures and its effect on locations and fishing and review the best equipment choices for successful walleye fishing including rods, reels, line, and baits.

Wisconsin Sport Show
Neil Hauger, Whitetail Properties Real Estate

Saturday, March 17th, 5pm

Buying or Selling Hunting, Recreational, or Farm Land

Neil will discuss everything required in the process of buying, selling and marketing farm, recreational and hunting land. He will review topics such as: choosing an agent, marketing tactics, choosing and reviewing lenders, the closing process, what to look for in a property, and much more.

Wisconsin Sport Show
Lee Haasch, Haasch Guide Service

Friday, March 16th, 7pm
Saturday, March 17th, 11am

Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout: Tips for Clear Water Trolling

Lake Michigan's waters can serve up conditions that are less than ideal for salmon and trout fishing. Tips on how to overcome a variety of conditions to put more kings in your cooler!

Wisconsin Sport Show
Mark Harsch, S&M Tracking, Bloodhound Tracking Services

Friday, March 16th, 5pm

Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout: Tips for Clear Water Trolling

Mark Harsch and his dog Stella have been tracking for three years. She is a six year old purebred bloodhound that has located 46 deer thus far.

They belong to the United Blood Trackers National organization and reside just north of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They will track within 100 miles of the Chippewa Valley.

Mark will be discussing the benefits and effectiveness of using a trained bloodhound to track prey after it has been shot and the trail has been lost to the human hunter.

Wisconsin Sport Show
John Andrews, World Record Holder, The Angler's Choice Guide Service

Saturday, March 17th, Noon

Jumbo Perch and Crappie - A Must See Seminar!

John will be talking about jumbo perch fishing and summertime suspended crappies. John will discuss using the underwater camera to help locate the crappie and jumbo perch and using artificial lures - not just live minnows, will be reviewed. John will illustrate during this seminar that jumbo perch and crappies are easy to catch during all open water periods.

Wisconsin Sport Show
Mike Gate, Sunset Cove Resort

Friday, March 16th, 6pm
Sunday, March 18th, 10am

Targeting Crappies and Walleyes Throughout the Season

Mike Gate grew up on Lake of the Woods in Canada and began his Fish Guiding career at the young age of 13. He's a trained Commercial Float Plane Pilot since 1993. On his days off or evenings he continues to guide fishermen. In 2012, Mike and his wife Erin purchased a fishing resort on Lake of the Woods in Nestor Falls, ON Canada. Mike has been lucky enough to join the Pro-Staff of Outdoor Bound TV with host Kurt Walbeck and you may have also seen his face in a few issues of In-Fisherman Magazine.

We will discuss patterns and the techniques used throughout the season to capitalize on trophy fish as they move from spawning all the way through their finish in the fall.

Ron Schara
Host of NBC's "Minnesota Bound" and Fox Sports North's "Due North Outdoors"
Sunday, March 18th at 1 PM
Meet and Greet with Ron and Raven, March 18th from 2 to 4 PM

Ron and Raven

Chippewa Valley Expo Center

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