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Trout Pond

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2017 Presentations & Demonstrations

Scott Glorvigen
Scott Glorvigen, Professional Walleye Angler & Multi Species Expert

Saturday 1pm, Sunday 2pm

Walleyes A-Z

Join Lund Pro Staffer Scott Glorvigen as he shares his knowledge of walleye fishing across the Midwest and takes questions from the audience in this 45 minute all-inclusive walleye seminar.
  • Lund Pro Staff 30+ Years
  • 2000 RCL Walleye Champion
  • 2004 PWT In-Fisherman Walleye Champion
  • Two Time In-Fisherman PWT “Top Gun Angler of the Year”
  • Outdoor Writer

Adam Glickman, Honest Musky Television

Saturday 2pm

Stream Trout Simplified

Trout fishing is often intimidating to anglers because successful techniques are perceived as being complicated, expensive, and taking years to master. Also, it is common sentiment that good trout fishing locations are limited and hard to come by. Trout fishing is actually very approachable, and quality experiences can be had with modest techniques and on a tight budget. Excellent trout streams abound throughout WI and MN. Learning how to research, scout, employ successful tactics, understand regulations, and legally access streams is the best way to catch numbers of trout and large trout as well. Attendees will be able to learn all of these components and become better stream trout fishermen.

Sunday Noon

Finding and Catching Quality Panfish

Catching small panfish is a task easily accomplished from a dock on most any WI lake. However, consistently catching large panfish is a challenge. Most waters simply don’t have many large panfish. Some are less capable of growing large panfish, others are simply over-fished. Research and scouting are necessary to determine which waters have good sized bluegill, crappie, and yellow perch. Predicting their location and choosing successful tactics based on the current season and environmental factors, combined with responsible harvest will allow for the most success. Learn solid family fishing techniques, as well as successful strategies for catching panfish in all types of waters across WI and MN.
Adam Glickman

John Andrews
John Andrews, The Angler's Choice Guide Service

Saturday Noon

Summer Suspended Crappies

A Must See Seminar!
John will be talking about summertime suspended crappies. Fishing for suspended crappies and brushpile crappies during late summer will also be discussed. Using the underwater camera to help locate the crappie and using artificial lures for crappie – not just live minnows, will be reviewed. John will illustrate during this seminar that crappies are easy to catch during all open water periods.

Ace Sommerfeld, First WI Chapter of Muskies, Inc.

Saturday 3pm, Sunday 3pm

Gearing Up for Muskies

Ace Sommerfeld is a veteran musky angler who concentrates on the lakes and rivers in northern Wisconsin. He is recognized in the organized musky world as a Master Angler by releasing over 250 fish since joining Muskies Inc. in 2008. Ace is an accomplished writer and photographer. He is a Field Editor for MUSKIE magazine, and a regular contributor to MUSKY HUNTER, the premier magazine for musky enthusiasts. Other musky-based articles have appeared in several periodicals.

The slide show and presentation you will see is titled: The Diverse World of Musky Fishing. Ace covers a variety of subjects that offer insightful advice to newcomers and reminders to veteran musky sticks. Novice anglers will learn the importance of detail, keeping an eye out for changing conditions, and starting out with the proper components. Veterans may smile when they think about a lost opportunity that could've easily been avoided. Come and see the photos and corner Ace with questions...he thinks he has all the answers.

Ace Sommerfeld

Kevin Koeshall
Kevin Koeshall, Limcroma Safaris and KD Taxidermy

Saturday 4pm

African Safari Planning - Start to Finish

Kevin Koeshall, a local Wisconsinite, hunter, and Taxidermist, has been organizing and escorting hunters to African for nearly 20 years. He has personally taken over 40 groups of hunters to Africa during that time and knows the ins and outs of planning a safari and all the aspects of getting those hard-earned trophies back to the U.S. and up on the wall. Kevin’s wife, Rika, a South African Professional Hunter also adds the female perspective to planning an African safari and hunting trip. This seminar provides all the information you’ll need to start your trip and provides a question and answer session to address specific questions.

Jeff Letour, Elk River Kennels

Friday 5pm, Sunday 1pm

How to Build Your Gun Dog

A great overview of the steps needed to build a gun dog. The program starts with the puppy stage and takes you through the adult, finished gun dog. Three dogs of different ages will be used to demonstrate each stage of development.
Jeff Letour

Lee Haasch Lee Haasch, Haasch Guide Service

Saturday 11am, Sunday 11am

Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout

Lake Michigan's waters can serve up conditions that are less than ideal for salmon and trout fishing. Tips on how to overcome a variety of conditions to put more kings in your cooler!

Mark Harsch, S&M Tracking

Saturday 5pm

Bloodhound Tracking Services

Mark Harsch and his dog Stella have been tracking for over four years and have recovered over 62 deer thus far.

They belong to the United Blood Trackers National organization and reside just north of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They will track within 100 miles of the Chippewa Valley.

Mark will be discussing the benefits and effectiveness of using a trained bloodhound to track prey after it has been shot and the trail has been lost to the human hunter.
Mark Harsch

Greg Kizewski
Greg Kizewski, Super K Jigs

Friday 6pm

Deep Water Swim Jigs

This 45 minute seminar will cover everything you need to know about:

1. Deep Swim Jig Fishing in Weeds
2. Deep Swim Jig Fishing in Open Water
3. Swim Jigging Deep Beds
4. Fishing deep wood with a swim jig

Join Gregg as he discusses the use of Deep Water Swim Jigs and provides time for questions and answers.

Dr. Aaron Arfstrom, Apex Chiropractic

Friday 4pm

Getting Ready for the Hunt

Did you know that the #1 reason an individual cannot hunt is due to health problems? Find out the primary things that are robbing us of our health and destroying our quality of life! Most importantly, find out what you can do to continue enjoying the great outdoors for as long a possible.
Aaron Arfstrom

Bob Mercier
Bob Mercier, Mindful of Nature

Friday 7pm

Whitetail Deer Hunting
How to understand the meaning of buck rubs so you can get closer to big-bucks on a daily basis.